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Mixed Stir Fried

Monday – Friday 11am – 3pm • Saturday & Sunday 12 pm-3 pm                                                                                         **NO SUBSTITUTIONS**

Served with the soup of the day. All dishes can be served with chicken, beef, pork, vegetables or tofu.

**For shrimp, squid or scallops: Add $1.00.                       ** For seafood: Add $4.00.                       **Soup is not included in Take-Out.

L1 - Broccoli Lovers


Sautéed with brown sauce on a bed of steamed broccoli.

L 2 - Sweet & Sour


Sauteed with Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumber, Bellpeppers

and Juicy Pineapple Chunks

L 3 - Pepper Steak


Sautéed beef with bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

L 4 - Try Me Garlic


Sautéed with garlic and ground pepper on a bed of lettuce.

L 5 - Cashew Nut


Sautéed with onions, carrots and scallions.

L 16 - Chicken Wing Combo


L 6 - Kiss Me Ginger


Sautéed with fresh ginger, bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms

L 7 - Pad Thai


Rice noodles sautéed with eggs, garnished with ground peanuts and bean sprouts.

L 8 - Mixed Vegetables


Sautéed with mixed vegetables.

L 9 - Fish Fillet


Golden fried in choice of: Ginger, Curry,
Volcano, or Steamed.

L10 - Duck


Crispy duck served in choice of: Roast Duckling, Volcano, Ginger, Curry, Basil, or Larb.

L 11 - Fried Rice


Rice quick stir-fried with eggs and onions garnished with scallions.

L 12 - Bangkok Fried Rice


Rice quick stir-fried with eggs and combination: beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, and squid.

L 13 - Spicy Beef Salad


Grilled slices of beef tossed with onions, fresh squeezed lime juice, cucumbers on a bed lettuce garnished with cilantro.

L 17 - Nam Pad Nam Man Hoi


Tender slices of beef stir-fried with onions,

tomatoes, and mushrooms.

L 18 - Thai Basil


Sautéed with fresh basil, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and scallions.

L 19 - Volcano


Sautéed in chef’s special sauce served on a bed of steamed mixed vegetables.

L 20 - Honey Garlic Chicken


L 21 - Lo Mein


Sautéed yellow noodles with carrots, cabbage and onions.

L 22 - Pad Prig


Sautéed with spicy & savory red paste, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and scallions.

L 23 - Red Curry


Red curry paste with coconut milk,
red bell peppers, bamboo, pineapples and basil.

L 24 - Green Curry


Green curry paste with coconut milk, snow peas, green bell peppers, and basil.

L 25 - Penang Curry


Penang curry paste with rich coconut milk garnished with kaffir leaves.

L 26 - Massaman Curry


Massaman curry paste with coconut milk, potatoes, onions and carrots.

L 27 - Yellow Curry


Strong curry with coconut milk, onions, and potatoes.

L 14 - Spicy Chicken Salad


Grilled slices of chicken tossed with onions, lime juice, cucumbers on a bed of lettuce garnished with cilantro.

L 15 - Yum Nam Sad


Well cooked ground pork with fresh ginger, onions, lime juice, scallions and peanuts.


Choose any 2 items (A, B, C, D, or E)        $11.95

Served with Salad & 4 pieces of California Roll


A - Sushi

3 pieces,chefs choice

B - Sashimi

6 pieces, chefs choice

D - Beef Teriyaki

E - Shrimp Tempura

C - Chicken Teriyaki

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